YoVlog: Hacked

Dinky's VlogDinky is back with yet another YoVlog with some very important things to say. [Read more...]

YoVlog: Star Spangled Ban Her

Dinky's VlogDinky’s back and he lets it all out! [Read more...]

Vlog: Dinky Do – Scorching Hot

Dinky's VlogDinky Do gets hot under the collar today in more ways than one.

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Dinky Do – Train Kept A Rollin’

Dinky's VlogDinky talks about the puppies and wants you to choose the cutest.

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YoRehab Agents Birthday: Happy Birthday Dinky!

YoRehabs Dinky Do’s celebrates his birthday today. Let us help him mark the occasion in style. [Read more...]

Dinky Do – Legionnaire

Dinky's VlogDinky is back with his latest Vlog. Now he has more shout outs and plenty of words of Dinky wisdom. [Read more...]

YVlog: Dinky’s Opinion YV.Com Glitch

Dinky's VlogDinky is back with a very SERIOUS VLog. [Read more...]

Dinky Do – Event Banned

Dinky's VlogDinky comes right back to us with a Vlog about his experience when he was banned from the event and how Zynga got it “all wrong”. Dinky also talks about slow moving auctions and his non tolerance for them.

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Dinky Do Vlog: Trade

Dinky's VlogDinky returns with a Vlog to talk about his experiences on trade pages and why people seem to feel Agents aren’t allowed to make profit in game.
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Dinky Do Vlog: Heroes Anthem

Dinky's VlogDinky is back to talk to us about Performance stalkers and many other things going on in the YoVille world.

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