Agents Journal: Short & Sweet Update

While I continue on with my campaign, I wanted to give out some much deserved thank-you’s!



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Tag & Tweet Contest Winners Announced

YoVille News DefaultThe winners of the latest round of Tag & Tweet contest have been chosen. Are you one of the lucky winners? Let’s take a look and see. [Read more...]

The Spies vs SuperVillains Tweet & Tag Contest!!!

YoVillians, Tweet & Tag is back!  It only takes a moment and you could win awesome prizes! [Read more...]

Tweet & Tag Contest Winners Announced!

Did you enter the last round of player appreciation week Tag & Tweet? Let’s take a look and see who won.

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The YoSurvivor Tweet & Tag Contest!!!

tweetOkay YoVillians, who is up for a game of Tweet & Tag? You could win a whopping 100 YoCash for just a few minutes’ work! [Read more...]

Tag And Tweet Contest – Winners Announced

tweetDid you join in the Burlesque Tag And Tweet Contest? The winners were announced today, take a look and see if you were one of the lucky ones.

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Burlesque Tag And Tweet Contest!

tweetYoVillians! Do you enjoy ‘tweeting’ on twitter and updating your Facebook status? [Read more...]

Tag And Tweet Contest Winners Announced!

TweetAttention YoVillians! Do you remember the tag and tweet contest that was posted on YoVille’s blog?  [Read more...]

Thank You, YoRehabians. We Appreciate You.

We may not have a YoRehabian Appreciation month, but we want to let you know that we appreciate you–each and every one of you. Every single day, when we make articles, update prices, hold non-stop contests and crazy parties, we think of nothing else but to help you, and make your Yoville experience 100X better. And so far, it seems like we’re doing pretty well, and it’s all because of your constant support! As of today, Alexa.com has ranked YoRehab as the MOST POPULAR Yoville Fansite and Price Guide Site. So now we want to thank you by giving away rares, costumes and collectibles to 50 random FANS!

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Blazing Race to 50k!

Hotter, stronger, and 100 X better! Get ready for tons of crazy contests, amazing prizes, and non-stop giveaways! Because YoRehab is back and is here to stay! NOTHING can stop us from giving you the best of the best! So fasten your seat belts, and get ready to step it up! Let’s take YoRehab to 50,000 fans!!! Coins and prizes amounting to 250,000 COINS will be given every 1,000 fans! Costumes and collectibles will be given as well! And when we reach 50,000 fans, we will give away 12 cars to 12 random fans! and 10,000 coins each to 50 random fans! Keep reading to see the prizes and to know how to join!

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