A Way To Make Events While They Are Still Officially Down…

Several YoVillians have tried this and it does work… [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Alby Ponders The Recent Re-Releasing Of Older Themes…

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Trade Requests Update 10/05/2012

YoVille News DefaultZynga makes an announcement regarding the recent problems with YoVille trading. [Read more...]

New YoRehab Trading Templates Are Here!

YoRehab News DefaultWe are excited to show you the brand new YoRehab Trading Templates which have just been released for download. [Read more...]

How To Create Buying/Trading List With YoRehab Trading Templates

We have created new buying and trading templates for anybody to use.

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Bumping Threads In The Trading Forums – At Last We Have Clarification From Zynga!

YoVille News DefaultAfter weeks of confusion, Zynga now states that YoVillians can still bump trading threads – but not excessively… [Read more...]

Agents Journal: Gifting And Trading Restrictions

I wish to vent my dismay on gifting and trading restrictions. Care to join me? [Read more...]

Where Have All The Sellers Gone?

Is it just me or are there far fewer sales in YoVille? Everywhere seems so quiet… [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Miami & YoScars Items

buyerbeware - DefaultIn this tiny world we all live in there will always be a scammer waiting around the corner for a unsuspecting victim. We’ve all been there getting excited over the newest items out and in a rush to buy. Well with these new themes it is time to be cautious of what we buy! [Read more...]

Agents’ Journal: Where Are The Parents?

New Agent Kendall JournalDear Journal,  [Read more...]