Have You Checked Out YoRehab Bazaar?

At YoRehab we have our own buy, sell and trade page called YoRehab Bazaar. With over 33k likes on Facebook, it is the perfect way to connect with other YoVillians.




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Buyer Beware: SnowVille Bears – Check Which You are Buying!

buyerbeware - DefaultIncorrect images are showing in trade! [Read more...]

New Freeze Warning

YoVille News DefaultFreezing is rife again in YoVille and I’m not talking about the temperature. Read on to find out more. [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: United Kingdom Umbrella Vs United Kingdom Patriotic Umbrella

buyerbeware - DefaultWe have a Buyer Beware for you that has come to light from the new United Kingdom items. Take a look and see. [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Groovy Camper Van Vs San Fransisco Funky Van

buyerbeware - DefaultToday’s new release brought out a similar item to a past release, we want you to check it out before buying. [Read more...]

Survey on YoVille.com For Hack Victims

YoVille News DefaultImportant news for all players that have been hacked recently – Please Read On!

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Dinky Do Vlog: Trade

Dinky's VlogDinky returns with a Vlog to talk about his experiences on trade pages and why people seem to feel Agents aren’t allowed to make profit in game.
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First Trade Of The Day Blues

YoVille How To SeriesDo you have difficulties with your first trade of the day in YoVille? It doesn’t matter if you are the buyer or the seller, the first trade of the day is often a problem for many a YoVillian.

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Buyer Beware: Your Weekly Update On The Latest Scams To Avoid

buyerbeware - DefaultWe have a few Buyer Bewares to tell you about for this week. Read all about them here!

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Thank you, Zynga!

YoVille DefaultLots of things are changing in YoVille. Did Zynga hear our cries?

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