New Theme; The Three Musketeers

new themeHappy Tuesday YoVillians! You’ll notice when you log in today, instead of a re-release, there is a new theme!


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New Russian Circus Home Released!

YoVillians, we’ve got a new home in YoVille today! Along with the furniture released, there is a Russian Circus FS home available. [Read more...]

New Fairytale Fantasy Mini Theme Furniture And Home Released!

The new colorful Fairytale Fantasy theme furniture has just been released. It’s only out for seven days though, so make sure to make your way to the store soon.

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Animal Reserve Is Back In Stores!

Another shocker, Animal Reserve is back in the fashion and furniture store! [Read more...]

New: Canadian Holiday Theme Arrives

A new theme arrived in YoVille today, the long awaited Canadian theme. Let’s take a look at what came with the all new Canadian Holiday release.

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Pixies Borough Is Re-Released For Three Days!

Shocker!!  Pixies Borough theme has re-entered the store!

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New Mississippi Steamboat Collectible And Rideable!

A new collectible and rideable are now in the store! [Read more...]

High School & San Francisco Themes Here, Then Gone Again? ***UPDATE***

Zynga promises that they will be back, though! [Read more...]

New Mississippi Steamboat Cruise: Clothing Releases!

New clothing for the Mississippi theme are now in the Fashion Store! [Read more...]

Heroes Theme Leaves YoVille – 20% Off Clothing & Furniture!

Go shopping before the timers expire! [Read more...]