Auction House Bans and Glitches **Updated**

bannedPlayers have been reporting an unusual ban, which is scaring some players from using their favorite way to buy and sell. [Read more...]


YoVillians frustration grows as Zynga support for YoVille becomes more “non-supportive” by the day.

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Inquiring Minds Want To Know, Zynga Support Weighs In

After yesterday’s uproar of the YoVille Is Here To Stay thread being closed, one of our Agents had a brief chat with Zynga support. [Read more...]

Reaching Zynga; Mission Impossible?!?

New Zynga News Default 11/11We have noticed a growing number of frustrated players, in reference to reaching support, over the last few months. [Read more...]

Are Events Ever Coming Back?

It seems we can’t turn to Zynga for an answer. [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Running Out Of Ideas Or Hack Prevention?

All of these re-releases have many players wondering if Yoville is ending. I,on the other hand, think that Zynga knows exactly what they are doing.

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Agent’s Journal: Will You ‘Go bald! (for cancer)’?

Dear Journal, YoVillians over in the Discussions forum ditch their wigs in support… [Read more...]

Is Premium Support Ending?

YoVille News Default

Joanna V posted on the YoVille forums some interesting news that we should be aware of.  [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: April Is Autism Awareness Month!

Dear Journal, this April is very important to me… [Read more...]

Glitch Report – Vanishing Zynga Posts & Feeds!

Glitch Report DefaultHave your YoVille feed posts vanished? [Read more...]