New Halloween Shop & Win

A new shop and win has appeared in YoVille with more Halloween items up for grabs when you shop.

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Halloween Shop & Win Is Here!

ShopandwinThe new Shop & Win contains Halloween goodies! [Read more...]

Shop And Win Is Here – For 2 Days Only

Great rewards up for grabs when you spend! [Read more...]

YoVille Addiction: How Addicted Are You?

YoVilleAs an avid YoVille player and an addict myself, I am here to tell you on a personal note that YoVille addiction is a very real thing. While I have personally been able “wean” myself from the YoAddiction I had, it is not so easy for others.

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Get Rich Now: 14 Ways To Earn Coins In YoVille!

Get rich in YoVilleThere are plenty of ways to make coins and get rich in YoVille. Traditionally, getting rich in YoVille involves a lot of hard work, and requires a lot of time. However, there are also ways to get rich quickly. [Read more...]

New Halloween Cars!

carsNew cars are zooming into YoVille!

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Inflation: 2008 Costume Prices Soar

08 COSTUME PRICE SOARZynga has said it before and we will say it again. Collectibles are the only ones that will not be re-released.

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Yoville Game Bar Glitch: Do Not Exploit

Yoville Game Bar GlitchWe wanted to inform everyone that has installed, or intends to install the new Yoville Game Bar that there is a glitch in the amounts of Yocash that is given daily. Players that install the Game Bar are suppose to receive 5 Yocash the first day and 1 yocash a day for the next 7 days. However, players are reporting that they are in fact receiving larger amounts of Yocash from the Game Bar. We have heard reports of people receiving more the 150 Yocash.

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Is Yoville Only For The Rich?

The new Moroccan theme has successfully evoked a luxurious, elegant, and royal feel. From its gigantic golden pillars embedded with gold, to the rich and vibrant colored living room sets encrusted with shiny golden pieces. It is indeed a majestic theme– a theme for the Yo-kings and yo-queens. But with the majority of the items having a yocash price tag, we cannot help but raise a question. Is Yoville only for the rich in real life? [Read more...]

The Navigator

Finally, the long awaited “Luxury” theme has arrived in Yoville, spearheaded by the enormous Yacht home which is indeed, the epitomy of luxury. This theme will bring to fame the sailor and female sailor costume, and these will be luxury icons. And if you ask me, who doesnt want to feel rich? The sailor costumes will rise in fame and value, just like the Old Knight during the enchanted theme.If you are a fan of the sailor and luxury theme

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