Could A Petition Save YoVille?

There are many varied opinions about online petitions. [Read more...]

New Free Gift In App Center – Sweet Home Sign

YoVille News DefaultClaim your own pretty ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign – free from the app center. [Read more...]

Zodiac Signs Arrive!

From the roaring Leo, to the friendly Pisces, a 3 day release for these new Zodiac Buddies.

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YoVille Server Down For Maintenance

YoVille News DefaultA disappointing sight for many YoVillians today was a sign in place of the usual Yoville loading screen which stated that the YoVille Server was down for Maintenance. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: New Animated Halloween Sign

Glitch-ReportThe new Animated Halloween sign has a glitch when the animation is activated.

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Weekly Highlights – Sweepstakes, 3 Day Sales, Scams And Contests Galore

Catch up with all the highs and lows of the week in YoVille and what a week it was too.  It sure kept us all busy.

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YoVille Nightclub Is Undergoing Renovations!

YoVille UpdateYoVillians when cruising the streets of YoVille have you noticed the sign in front of the nightclub? [Read more...]