FarmVille: Zynga Has Started Charging For Premium Customer Chat Service!

New Zynga News Default 11/11Will players now have to pay to chat to support? Read on… [Read more...]

Have You Got Your zTag Yet?

zyngaProject Z is the next big thing soon to be launched by Zynga, but to join in the fun, you need a zTag. Get it quick before yours is taken. [Read more...]

TOS: The Importance Of Reading And Understanding It

TOSReading the terms of service for Facebook and Zynga is very important. Taking the time to do so is the most helpful key to preventing disabling and/or banning of accounts.

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Breaking News: YoRehab Falls Victim To Competitor DDos Attack

YoVille Price GuideAs you may have known, YoRehab’s YoVille Price Guide was down yesterday for a few hours. As we always take pride in keeping communication lines open, and remaining honest with our fans, we want to give you a brief explanation as to what happened.

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Zynga Terms of Service Updated

tosRecently Zynga updated its Terms of Service.

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YoRehab Live Chat: Chat With Plat

YoRehab Live ChatThere’s nothing more fun than bonding with our loving and crazy fans! We were thinking of a way to bond with all of you, and be there when you have questions as well. So we present to you… The YoRehab Live Chat: Chat with Plat. A place where you can mingle with other fans, ask questions, gossip, sell things, and get to know the agents! All the agents will try to be there 24/7, but mostly Agent Platinum! It’s simple the perfect place to

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