Agents Journal: The Old Old Story

Agents Journal GemYoCash dealing – What rate? The age old argument! [Read more...]

What’s Up With The Kickers?

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultThe kick feature in YoVille is just too irresistible for some players. They will ‘kick’ a person for no apparent reason whatsoever.




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First Trade Of The Day Blues

YoVille How To SeriesDo you have difficulties with your first trade of the day in YoVille? It doesn’t matter if you are the buyer or the seller, the first trade of the day is often a problem for many a YoVillian.

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Buyer Beware: Many Items In Fun Fair To Look Out For

buyerbeware - DefaultSo many new items in the Fun Fair theme resemble some oldies! Get familiar with them to avoid being the victim of a scam! [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Your Weekly Update On The Latest Scams To Avoid

buyerbeware - DefaultWe have a few Buyer Bewares to tell you about for this week. Read all about them here!

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Buyer Beware: Lawn Angel Vs. Angel Ornament And Angel Tree Topper

Just a reminder on the 3 Angels we all love for Christmas decorating. Refresh your memory before shopping this season.

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Buyer Beware: Animated Uncle Sam Magician

Buyer BewareWe here at YoRehab have noticed a new arising issue reguarding a Uncle Sam scam.

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Vlog With Dinky Do: Is 5K Really Worth Canceling A Trade?!

In this Vlog, Dinky talks about his frustrations with a seller that canceled a trade upon being offered just 5k more. In addition he talks about his last game show and gives a couple shout outs.

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Open Auctions: Everything You Need To Know

New YoVille Trend: YoVille AuctionsOpen Auctions; we’ve all seen them listed in events, and many of us have even gone to them ourselves, but what exactly are they and just where on earth did they come from?

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Buyer Beware: Choco Fountain

Buyer BewareWe recently informed you about the Handheld Mistletoe scam that some players tried to use to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

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