Have You Checked Out YoRehab Bazaar?

At YoRehab we have our own buy, sell and trade page called YoRehab Bazaar. With over 33k likes on Facebook, it is the perfect way to connect with other YoVillians.




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Yoville’s Auction House!! UPDATED!

YoVille News DefaultA brand new feature comes to YoVille – read all about it here! [Read more...]

Agents Journal: The Old Old Story

Agents Journal GemYoCash dealing – What rate? The age old argument! [Read more...]

Agents’ Journal: Solution For Unwanted Houses Needed Please

agent journal - gemA question on everyones lips in YoVille I’m sure: Why can’t we delete unwanted houses? We need this option!

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Agents’ Journal: My Items, My Price

agent journal - kendallDear Journal,

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The Scam Artists Are Out Today!

Buyer BewareTo all of you buyers purchasing the new groovy items. Be careful because the scaming YoVillians are out are out today trying to trick you into buying the wrong guitar.

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YoEconomy: Auctions And Their YoEconomic Affects

YoEconomyWhen people hear the word auction they automatically assume it’s a fast-paced and loud version of a sale where people compete for goods. The auctions may have a “Reserve Price”, which is a minimum price that the buyer is willing to accept or it may have no reserve at all, opening the auction to any bid.  On YoVille, the environment may be a little different, but the concept is still the same.  People pile into a room hoping for a good deal on items.  However, what do these auctions do for the YoEconomy?  Are they good or bad, and do they hold a higher benefit for the seller or the buyer?

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How To Series: Getting Rid Of Items You Don’t Want Or Have Too Many Of!

YoVille How To Series Just like in the real world it may happen to you in YoVille that you stumble across items you no longer want or have more of than you need.

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Yo Vlog: Parties and YoLove, Oh My!

Yo VlogIn the latest Vlog, Dinky covers the issue of events. Why do people post sales in Parties and Music and not Trading? There is also a special appearance by Elmo when delivering the shout outs.

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Yo Vlog: “I Got Scammed!”

Scams ruin the game for many, if not all, of us. In this episode of Yo Vlog, Dinky tells us how he got scammed and lost money in one day.

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