[UPDATED] (Security Alert) Agent’s Journal: Do You Really Think I Was Born Yesterday?

Today I upset a hacker. It was such fun! [Read more...]

[Hoax Alert ] Privacy Notice And Warning To Institutions, Agents & Agencies

Although this alert has been doing the rounds for the last two years, people are still falling for it… [Read more...]

Hackers Steal Usernames And Passwords For Two Million Social Media Accounts!

What’s more, many of the log-ins were as easy as ’123′… [Read more...]

New Facebook Malware Suggests Phony “Pages You Might Like”

Beware of this new malware! [Read more...]

Security Alert: Fake Facebook App Promises Free YoCash

There are new scam applications masquerading as reward apps for games like Zynga’s YoVille and Farmville.

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Beware Of Fake YoRehab Messages!

scam alertAs most of you are aware, we at YoRehab are constantly hosting contests, and are currently giving away prizes to random winners during our race to 100k fans! We do this to help make your YoVille experience more enjoyable! Sadly, some people have used this opportunity to take advantage of others.

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YoVille Players: Beware Of Free YoCash Scam And Phishing Sites

Security alertWe’ve said this before, and we will say it again, when something seems too good to be true, it most probably is! Although some of you may be well aware that promises of free YoCash and Facebook Credits are most often than not scams and phishing attempts, others, however, remain to fall for them.

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Security Alert: More Harmful Links Popping Up In Facebook Notifications And Chat

Recently it was reported that players were receiving harmful links in the Facebook chat messages from a “friend”. Today, there are even more reports of harmful links and now notifications that are spreading strong viruses!

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Security Alert: Do Not Click on the “Total Facebook Views Link”

Security AlertYou may have seen this new link already posted by your Facebook friends.

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Security Alert: Twitter Worm Uses A Shortened Google URL To Spread Malware

Security AlertA new worm targets Twitter users via a Google URL. Mashable has reported that a worm is posting links on Twitter users’ accounts leading them to a download link that contains Malware.

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