Agents Journal: Short & Sweet Update

While I continue on with my campaign, I wanted to give out some much deserved thank-you’s!



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Agent’s Journal: My Real Life Goal

More than a dream, this is my goal.



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Weekly Highlights: Fun, Fashion, Highs And Lows Of The Week On YoVille

Weekly HighlightsCatch up with all thats happend in the week gone by.  Read about the Fun, competitions, news, scams, glitches, and giveaways to ensure you didn’t miss a trick with our all-in-one Weekly guide to YoVille! [Read more...]

YoVlog: Dinky Talks About 9/11

Yo VlogDinky is back with another Vlog! In this Vlog, Dinky talks about remembering the attacks of 9/11 and some scam alerts that are in YoVille. Dinky also talks about the new School items and dancing with the cheerleaders.

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Glitch Report: High School Interactive Skating Ramp!

Attention YoVillians there happens to be a glitch with the high school interactive skating ramp! [Read more...]

New High School Bike Craftable Available Now!

widget artWith the new YoVille High Theme comes another craftable in the Widget Factory! This time, you can craft your own High School Bike!

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Buyer Beware: Know Your Drum Sets Before You Buy

Buyer BewareWe’ve heard that some Yovillians may have been taken advantage of when it comes to the new High School Drum Sets[Read more...]