YoWorld Scammer Returns to Facebook! [UPDATED]

A new name, but still attempting to scam people by asking for emails/passwords, and claiming to work for Big Viking Games… [Read more...]

Unreleased/Fake Items In The Auction House

Zynga finally acknowledges that there is a problem… [Read more...]

Facebook Hoax: For Every Share, Facebook Will Donate X Amount Of Dollars

Facebook- Default 11/11Another Facebook hoax is going around. This time, it is set up to tug the heart strings of caring individuals.  [Read more...]

7 Deadly YoSins Series: YoScamming

seven deadly yosinsHave you ever wondered what kind of actions could land you in YoHell? That’s what this series is all about. Today we are discussing a very popular yet multi-faceted sin. The scam.

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