Seller Beware: Players Creating Fake YoRehab Prices!

Players are apparently ‘doctoring’ YoRehab images, reducing prices. Please don’t get caught up by these scammers! [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Perm Skins

Buyer BewareThe new skins are pretty awesome, but be sure you’re aware of what you’re purchasing. [Read more...]

Hidden Themes!

Have you ever wondered where some themes went missing to? Well in case you didn’t know, some are still available. [Read more...]

Clickjacking: Real Or Hoax??

Facebook News - DefaultClickjacking is real. The hack adds an extension to your browser and appears legit.




[Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Golden Egypt Mummy Fear Vs Golden Egypt Sarcophagus!

buyerbeware - DefaultPlease be careful which you buy! [Read more...]

Glitch Report: New Broadway Rug Not Showing In Store Edit Mode!

Glitch Report Default

The new Broadway Musical Rug is not showing in the furniture store in edit mode, but it’s in the furniture store! [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Scam Alert – Starter Items Are Being Sold In The Auction House!

buyerbeware - DefaultDon’t be caught out by this new scam! [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: New Ancient Rome Tubs!

buyerbeware - Default

Another scam attempt is going around. The new Ancient Rome tubs look just alike but one costs YoCoins, and the other YoCash.  [Read more...]