Agent Platinum Retires

Since almost the beginning of YoRehab, there has been Agent Platinum, an integral part of the team of agents.

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Get To Know Agent Platinum And Win!

Getting to know the agentsWho are the YoRehab Agents?  What exactly do they do as YoRehab Agents? [Read more...]

Weekly Recap (November 22-28th)

yovilleIt is time for the weekly recap for November 22nd-28th!

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Telephone Music Video: An RFM and YoRehab Production


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RFM and YoRehab: Spreading the YoLove

In lieu of YoRehab Contest Madness ‘ RACE to 15K, we’d like to take this time to share with you a story about how 150 RFM members worked very hard in order to change the YoLives of many Yovillians. They thought of the best way to have fun, win prizes, and do charity work at the same time.

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Agents: FAKE vs. REAL

We have said it before, and we will say it again. Agents do NOT ask for coins, costumes, rares, collectibles, donations, emails, passwords, etc. We only accept donations when you message us (Agent N and Agent M), and insist on helping. To know how to tell if an agent is real or not, please keep reading.

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Race to 30,000 Fans!


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Multi-Million Blow Out! LAST STRETCH!!

Let’s go guys!! 30,000 fans! We’re so near! We’re 4,000 fans away! We can do this! Invite your friends to become a fan of YoRehab now! Suggest YoRehab to your friends, and tell them all about YoRehab’s amazing parties and contests wherein you can win prizes worth millions of coins! Keep reading to view the prizes and giveaways for the Last Stretch of the Multi-Million Blow Out! [Read more...]

Need For Speed!

We’re more than half way there, guys! We’re only around 6,500 fans away from 30,000! So we want to challenge you! Are you up for it? Well, you better be because aside from the prizes and giveaways we have promised to hand out, we will also give away 10 shiny, brand new cars to 10 random fans, 10k each to 20 random fans, and Agent Platinum will give 300K if we reach 30,000 fans within [LCT-|-embed]

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Yo-Couples: Can Their Love Extend To The Real World?

In a world where there is no face to face contact one would think that the idea of a relationship is out of the question. In a relationship where there is no face to face contact, it is inevitable that our very own personal judgments and insecurity will come to haunt us. The reality of who you think the person behind the avatar is may be but a mere dream–a dream created by an illusion of who you want your perfect soulmate to be. The fear of meeting

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