November 18: Exclusive Items Release!

Limited quantity items coming Thursday plus a new exclusive item with select YoCash packages!




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November 15: Latest Release Updates!

Some fun surprises to check out in stores today including an adorable pet fox for YoCash buyers!




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Valentine’s Release: 2/11/15

Were you looking for some items to decorate your Lonely Hearts Motel?




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Release: 8/15/14 Clothing & Hairs

Lots of new items to look through in today’s release.  Two different sections got a ton of items, the clothing and salon! [Read more...]

Release: Crop & Tank Tops! 8/1/14

More releases came to stores today, this time the release was part of the clothing section. [Read more...]

Release: Unreleased Furniture & Wallpaper

As the update came around, many people expected a release as soon as the game up was up and running. Sadly, some were disappointed. [Read more...]

New Release:Unreleased and New items 7/25/14

Was anyone else super excited for this release today? Well lets see what was in stores today! [Read more...]

More Summer Items! 7/24/14

Summer is still off to an awesome start with the great releases BVG has been placing into game. [Read more...]

New Summer Items!

The release for summer continues! Look whats new in stores. [Read more...]

New Stuff In Stores- New & Unreleased 7/21/14

If you haven’t already be sure you stop by the Salon, Furniture and Clothing store! [Read more...]