Agent Journal: Is Anyone Listening To Us

As I watch Zygna re-release 2009 items, I am convinced that neither the ninjas nor devs do not play YoVille AT ALL.

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Scam Alert: Secret Santa

Security Alert - DefaultDuring this time of year the majority of YoVillians are celebrating Christmas and are in the spirit of giving. [Read more...]

Holiday Ninja Giveaway: Day 4 Winners

day 4 winnersThe day 4 winners of the holiday ninja giveaway have been announced.

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Buyer Beware: Pink Roses

buyer bewareWe have received reports of yet another scam that players

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They’re Back!!

weekendgivingGold Boxes, Silver keys and chest will be making their return this weekend.

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Weekly Debate Series 2: YoHoarding: Buried in Pixels

Welcome to our second Weekly Debate Series “YoHoarding: Buried in Pixels”. [Read more...]

Weekly Debate Series 1: Rage Over Pixels (Conclusion)

Welcome to the conclusion of “Rage Over Pixels.”  We’ll have a new Debate Series for you in the coming days! [Read more...]

Agents’ Journal: Blast From The Past

yorehabDear Journal, it amazes me how much YoVille has changed over the last year.

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Exposed: Fake Agents!

yoville Scam ReportReal YoRehab Agents will NEVER ask for anything–gifts, coins, items, or donations of any kind.

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YoRehab’s Halloween Treat: Get A Chance To Win Collectibles and Costumes!

YoRehab Halloween
YoRehab's Halloween TreatAs All Hallow’s Eve approaches, we at YoRehab wanted to make sure that we’re able to give you guys one of your best trick or treat experiences! We sure won’t let this spooky night pass without giving you guys some awesome treats! Collectibles, Costumes, and Rare items of course! So join now and get a chance to win amazing prizes!

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