Dibs Returns To YoVille: CocoaVille Candy Is Up For Grabs!

Dibs DefaultDibs is back, and here is your chance to try to win a rare, cool item – some CocoaVille candy! [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Beverly Hills Clapper Vs. Beverly Hills Clapper

buyerbeware - Default

Throughout the Beverly Hills theme, we are greeted with two Clappers with the same name, and unfortunately one being in store and the other categorized as a short time released item.

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Buyer Beware: Are Naked Lamps Real?

Buyer BewareFact or fiction? Do naked lamps exist?

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Rare Saturday Release! New Space Stuff Has Arrived!

yoville space themeZynga rarely releases items on Saturday unless it’s some sort of special event, however, they seem to have made an exception today!

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Vlog: Dinky Daily Update 3-10-2011

In this Vlog Dinky talks about people still getting scammed with fake items, getting hard to find items and answers the question why he does not send gifts.

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2 Main Reasons Why Zynga Should Lower Its YoCoin Prices In YoVille

zyngaIt’s undeniable that many players find it more practical to buy YoCash instead of YoCoins for Zynga’s game, YoVille. Not only is YoCash more in demand in YoVille, but it seems to give buyers more bang for their buck as well.

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Get to Know Agent Mercury – Your Questions Answered

Getting to know the agents You asked and now Agent Mercury answers some of the submitted questions.

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Buyer Beware: Level Up Items Explained

It’s undeniable that a lot of players are now confused ever since new level up items arrived in the game.
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Weekly Debate Series: Rage Over Pixels (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 of our Weekly Debate Series, “Rage Over Pixels”.

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Weekly Debate Series 1: Rage Over Pixels (Part 2)

Rage over pixelsWelcome to Part Two of our Weekly Debate Series, “Rage Over Pixels”. [Read more...]