Buyer Beware: Perm Skins

Buyer BewareThe new skins are pretty awesome, but be sure you’re aware of what you’re purchasing. [Read more...]

Alice In Wonderland: Bathroom, Queens Bedroom And Balcony Arrives!

YoVille News DefaultAttention all YoVillians, do you enjoy making purchases via YoVille’s newest theme ‘Alice In Wonderland?’  [Read more...]

Desert Island Glitch – VIP Discounts For All?

Glitch Report DefaultYoVillians are reporting glitches with discounted items! [Read more...]

Zynga Obtains November Software

New Zynga News Default 11/11Zynga has announced this week, that they acquired game developer, November Software for an undisclosed amount.



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Zynga Online GiftCards Not Sold Outside Of United States?

YoVille News DefaultAttention all YoVillians, are you a YoVillian that doesn’t live in the United States but would like to purchase an online Zynga giftcard? [Read more...]

Preview Option: Where Are You?

YoVille News Default

The button that convinces you to complete your purchase is certainly absent!

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New Australia Collectibles Arrive!

australia-defaultAttention all YoAussie residents and YoAussie shoppers, 2 new collectibles have just arrived to the YoVille Furniture store. [Read more...]

Patriotic Sparkler Anyone?

YoVille News DefaultAnother discontinued item is available now in YoMag, the YoVille online Fashion Magazine. [Read more...]

Wild West Items: YoDepot!

YoVille News DefaultMany were sad to see such a fun theme leave stores so soon.. [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Animal Reserve Animated Swing Vs. Rainforest Animated Swing

buyerbeware - DefaultYoVillians, scammers are possibly at it again! When it comes to this scam it involves these two similar items: the new Animal Reserve Animated Swing and the Rainforest Animated Swing that has been recently been discontinued. [Read more...]