Buyer Beware: Chunky Hair

Buyer BewareWe here at YoRehab like to keep players informed about potential scams. With the release of new NYC clothing and hair today, there is yet another scam opening for dishonest players.

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Security Alert: Two New Video Scams Swarm Facebook

Security AlertKeeping your Facebook secure is one of the most important things you can do when on the Internet. With the latest scams, there are bound to be some victims of careless clicks. Here are the latest two scams and how to protect yourself and your computer. [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Animated Uncle Sam Magician

Buyer BewareWe here at YoRehab have noticed a new arising issue reguarding a Uncle Sam scam.

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Buyer Beware: Legends Pegasus

buyerbewareWe at Yo Rehab try to keep you up on the latest scams that are happening in YoVille. Well, it seems with the newest release of Legends themed items, there are scammers afoot. This time, the scam involves the brand new Legends Pegasus (39 YoCash) and the buildable Pegasus (free) at the factory.

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Celebrate Memorial Weekend YoVille Style!

Memorial SaleHead to the game now, and get yourselves some Memorial-themed items as a remembrance of all the soldiers who dedicated their lives to serve and protect. All new Memorial Furniture and Clothing are now available in YoVille!

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Two New Trading Features Are Now Up And Running!

10kbuttonArrivedThere are two brand new additions to how we trade on YoVille. We have been waiting for one of these features for ages, and the other feature was unexpected, but also a welcome addition.

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Buyer Beware: New Vegas Poker Chips Vs. Old Mafia Poker Chips

buyerbewareWith the latest release of free gifts comes yet another way for people to scam one another. Please take the time to read this article, to make sure you don’t fall victim to this newest scam.

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Learn How To Fight Against Cyberbullying

cyberbulling_edited-1Cyerbullying affects thousands of people each year, knowing what to do if you are being bullied is important. In this article we will give you some tips on protecting yourself against bullying in YoVille, on the YoVille forum and on Facebook.

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