No Pets Allowed

No pets allowed in the Auction House that is! [Read more...]

More Problems Plague YoVille ***UPDATE***

For approximately the last two and a half hours, YoVillians have not been able to get in the game. [Read more...]

Myspace YoVille Migration Issues Form

Not a help form – a survey to see what problems people are encountering… [Read more...]

New Broadway Musical Full Screen House – Limited Availability And Several Teething Problems!

Glitch Report DefaultNot everyone can get the new house – and many of those who have it are complaining! [Read more...]

Can Zynga Fix Lionell Toro’s Contest Winning Designs?

Glitch Report DefaultLionell Toro is not a happy designer! [Read more...]

Trade Requests Update 10/05/2012

YoVille News DefaultZynga makes an announcement regarding the recent problems with YoVille trading. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Spies Mystery Box Freebies Scale Issues

Glitch-ReportOn opening the new Spies Mystery Gift, you may be in for a surprise. Zynga’s age old scale problems surface again. [Read more...]

Gifting Issues – FIX

Glitch Report DefaultCoral Ninja announces that the gifting problem has been resolved… [Read more...]

YoVille Forum Update

YoVille UpdateAs you may recall, yesterday the YoVille forum was hacked, and then taken offline. Just a few hours ago the forum returned, but not without issues.

[Read more...]

Toolbar Glitch Fixed!

gamebarsIt seems that Zynga has heard our complaints! The Zynga Toolbar should be fixed now.

[Read more...]