Facebook Changes Rules For Teenagers

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Facebook Graph App Privacy Warning

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Facebook Users Lose Their Right to Remain Hidden In Searches

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Is Facebook Using My Information To Advertise?

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How Will Graph Search Affect Your Facebook Privacy?

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Facebook Bug Discovered That Creates Un-deletable Wall Posts!

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New Releases Cause Closed YoVille Inventories To Open?

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Facebook Is Rolling Out Security Tips To Users

Facebook- Default 11/11If you see a link at the top of your Facebook page to “simple security tips,” please don’t be alarmed that it could be a scam.  It is a genuine link to new Facebook security advice.  [Read more...]

Privacy Check! How To Lock Your Inventory

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Facebook Myth Debunked

Facebook- Default 11/11It seems that with every Facebook change a new hoax, presented as fact, splatters across our Facebook page.

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