Buyer Beware: Medieval Fantasy Fantastical Wings Vs. Animated Fantastical Wings

buyerbeware - DefaultWings vs. wings in this buyer beware.  The twist, is that they are identical in every way.

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New YoRehab Trading Templates Are Here!

YoRehab News DefaultWe are excited to show you the brand new YoRehab Trading Templates which have just been released for download. [Read more...]

Monday Mania Sale

YoVille News DefaultCheck out the 20% off sale in the Furniture store which will last for one day only. [Read more...]

How To Series: Using YoRehab’s Trading Templates

YoVille How To SeriesYoVille is all about buying, selling, trading, and collecting. This all used to happen in events inside the game, but now it happens on trading pages across Facebook like YoRehab Bazaar.

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Glitch Report: NYC MP3 Players

It is reported that there is a glitch with the newly released NYC MP3 Players. There are players not happy about it or its location within the closet. [Read more...]

Easter and St. Patrick’s Day Closeout Sale Announced!

EastercloseoutThe Easter and St. Patrick’s Day items will finally be leaving the stores!

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7 Deadly YoSins Series: Price Jacking And YoGreed

severn deadly yosinsPrice jackers, scammers, hackers and more. These are examples of the YoGreedy people that intentionally destroy the stability of our YoEconomy. YoGreed is a real issue–a deadly YoSin that a lot of YoVillians suffer from. In this series, we will introduce to you the 7 deadly YoSins that constantly terrorize our YoWorld.

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YoEconomy: Auctions And Their YoEconomic Affects

YoEconomyWhen people hear the word auction they automatically assume it’s a fast-paced and loud version of a sale where people compete for goods. The auctions may have a “Reserve Price”, which is a minimum price that the buyer is willing to accept or it may have no reserve at all, opening the auction to any bid.  On YoVille, the environment may be a little different, but the concept is still the same.  People pile into a room hoping for a good deal on items.  However, what do these auctions do for the YoEconomy?  Are they good or bad, and do they hold a higher benefit for the seller or the buyer?

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Yo Vlog: Dinky Says “It’s An Auction, Not A Sale!”

Yo VlogIn this Yo Vlog Dinky talks about people setting their reserves at selling price . Watch the vlog and see what advice Dinky offers sellers.

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Can’t Afford An 08 Costume? Find Thrifty Ways To Look The Way You Want!

08forless_edited-1No matter how long you have been playing YoVille, chances are that you have a dream costume that you cannot afford. Below you will find a  few examples of 08 knockoffs you can create for far less then their average going price.

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