Agent Journal: Is Anyone Listening To Us

As I watch Zygna re-release 2009 items, I am convinced that neither the ninjas nor devs do not play YoVille AT ALL.

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CityVille 2 – The Shortest Game In Zynga History?

New Zynga News Default 11/11CityVille 2 closes on March 7th 2013! [Read more...]

Official News – Do NOT Expect To See YoVille On The Zynga Platform This Year!

YoVille News DefaultYoVille is not being transferred to zynga.com! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: Christmas In YoVille – What Is Happening To The Game?

Dear Journal… I am at a loss here… [Read more...]

How to Lose Friends And Alienate People?

Glitch Report DefaultOr how the act of reporting in game sales glitches in the forums gets up some people’s nostrils! [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal: The Future Of Zynga Could Be In Players’ Hands!

What games people play, and how they play them, could determine the company’s future. [Read more...]

Patriotic Sparkler Anyone?

YoVille News DefaultAnother discontinued item is available now in YoMag, the YoVille online Fashion Magazine. [Read more...]

Avenues Map View Arrives

YoVille News DefaultAs promised, as part of player appreciation week, Avenues Map View arrived in YoVille today. Let’s see how it works. [Read more...]