Fairytale Design Winners Announced!

Cerulean Ninja has announced the winners of the Fairytale Fantasy design contest. [Read more...]

Ninja Sweepstakes Day 3 Winners Announced!

The winners of the Ninja Sweepstakes day 3 have been announced! [Read more...]

Agents Journal: I Am So Not Feeling The (Week Of Player) Love!

Dear Journal… This was supposed to be player appreciation week, but right now I really do not feel very appreciated. [Read more...]

Gold Rush Is Here!

YoVille News DefaultAs part of Week of Player Love, Zynga releases the Gold Rush wheel! [Read more...]

Ninja Sweepstakes Day 1 Winners Announced!

The very first Ninja Sweepstakes winners have been announced! [Read more...]

Calling All VIP Members! 09/10/2012

Zynga has announced the release of a special collectible for VIP members this coming Friday! [Read more...]

Zynga Announces Its ‘Week Of Player Love’!

YoVille News DefaultIt’s finally here! Zynga posts its official blog, detailing what we can all expect for Player Appreciation Week’! [Read more...]

Agents Journal: Friends With Hackers

Agents Journal GemDear Journal, [Read more...]