YoVille: Falling Apart in More Ways Than One!

contributorprogramWith each year, new and more exciting costumes arrive in YoVille. Each Halloween has a unique collection that YoVillians sport all throughout the year.

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New High School Bike Craftable Available Now!

widget artWith the new YoVille High Theme comes another craftable in the Widget Factory! This time, you can craft your own High School Bike!

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Your Complete YoVille Level Up Guide

YoVille Complete Level Up GuideEach time you level up past 50, you will receive a Gold Diamond Box.

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Zynga, We Are Broke.

yovilleWe know and completely understand that you are a business, and

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Special Delivery Boxes: Changed Or Glitched?

special delivery yovilleRecently, there have been reports that the Special Delivery boxes have been changed.

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Werewolf Release Timer..?

Werewolf TimerIt seems that we have been misinformed about the 10c costumes! [Read more...]

New 10 Coin Costume: 3-Piece Werewolf

10 coin costumes werewolf costume 3 pieceIf you missed the insanely cheap 3-piece Dino Costumes, then you’ll be happy about this good news!

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NEW: Romantic Kitchen Now In Store!

Head into YoVille and check out the brand new kitchen items that have just been released. You’ll find beautiful cabinets, sinks, refrigerators, a stove, dining table, and some dining chairs that look perfectly Romantic! There are a lot of Yocash pieces in this release but they did give us nice coin pieces as well. We’re now halfway through Player Appreciation month,

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YoFashionista of the Day

She’s got the YoAttitude and the YoStyle! Perfectly put together in a stylish gown, Lola Smith has definitely got this fierce look down! Being able to pull such a daring look, our YoFashionista of the day dressed in the latest Victorian threads definitely screams foxy and fierce, and has proven herself to be one certified YoHead-turner! The best way to channel your

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Factory Collectibles – Retirees begin!

The Enchanted Tree and other various collectible items stood for long at the factory collectible items. Now Zynga has began to retire them to release new ones (hopefully more good looking). If you still want to get some enchanted trees, you’ll find the pieces for it until September 16th. After it, more of the summer factory collectibles will be retired. So get to work, guys! Only a few days left! ;)

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