Is Facebook Using My Information To Advertise?

Facebook News - DefaultIn one word- youbetcha! [Read more...]

YoRehab Agents Share Their New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year 2012 DefaultAs the New Year of 2012 approaches many YoVille residents make New Years Resolutions. [Read more...]

Understanding The Desire For Alternate Facebook Accounts

Alternate Facebook AccountsIn the world of Facebook gaming the term “alt account” is commonly used. These are additional accounts made by Facebook users for any number of reasons.
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Pros And Cons Of A YoRelationship!

YoRelationshipYoVillians have you ever had a YoRelationship? Have you ever considered being in one? Are you against YoRelationships?  [Read more...]

Security Alert: Really Stupid Girl Video On Facebook

Security AlertEveryday when you are browsing the internet,  you should beware of suspicious videos and other links. [Read more...]

Security Alert: Avoid Links Involving Casey Anthony

Security AlertEveryday there are new scams identified on Facebook that could put your computer at risk. The newest one revolves around “Casey Anthony”, a mother that was recently found not guilty of murdering her 2 year-old daughter.
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YoVlog: Dinky Talks About His First Time On YoVille!

Yo Vlog

In this Vlog, Dinky talks about his personal start on YoVille and something special that he is planning! Watch the Vlog to find out what he has in store! [Read more...]

Vlog: Braggers And Poofers, Don’t You Just Hate Them?

Yo Vlog In this Vlog, Dink discusses how he feels about braggers and owners poofing at their own events. He also discusses the “celebrity” that is Dinky Do!

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