Dinky Do Vlog: Heroes Anthem

Dinky's VlogDinky is back to talk to us about Performance stalkers and many other things going on in the YoVille world.

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Facebook Announces Updates In Three Areas Of Your Profile

Facebook NewsFacebook has just announced it has enhanced settings within itself to allow you more control of your posts, tags and what you view within the  news feed when you log into your Facebook account. [Read more...]

New Survey Released Ask For Your Feedback!

YoVille UpdateYoVille  has released a request asking you for feedback on their performance since the face lift given YoVille a few months back!

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Is Yoville Turning into North Pole?

It seems that Winter has arrived early in our little town of Yoville. As new features arrive weekly, it cannot be denied that it’s previous heat is now slowly turning into ice, and the never ending lag and loading problems are slowly freezing players out of the game.

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Celebrate With Us!

We did it guys! We finally reached 10,000 fans! We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for the help and support you have given us. You guys continue to be our motivation to work hard, and… PARTY HARDER!!! So come celebrate with us! Because not only are we celebrating YoRehab reaching the 10,000 mark, but Agent M’s Birthday as well! Woot! Agent M wants to celebrate his birthday with all of you! Get your calendars now! Keep reading for party details :) [Read more...]

Buddy List Update

It seems like the buddy list feature that we’ve grown to love and to not be able to live without is still a little far from being fixed :( Jade Ninja announced in the Yoville Forums that

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Finding Performance in Events

Have you ever tried looking for an event category called “Performance”, but could not find it? If you want to know where to find the performance category, watch the video, and/or read the steps below:


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