Is Zynga Planning On Killing YoVille On MySpace?

YoVille on MySpaceAs YoVille in Facebook moves forward–leaving YoVille in MySpace behind–players begin to wonder whether Zynga is planning to kill the game in MySpace completely, and stick only with Facebook.

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Zynga Is Giving Away Ten $20 Game Cards!

Zygna NewsIf you’re not already a fan of the Zynga Inc. Facebook Page, then make sure to become a fan now because 10 lucky fans will receive $20 Game Cards each!

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Get to know Agent Lithium and Get a Chance to Win! Part 2

Over the last few days, I have looked at all of your questions. There were many great ones, but I could only answer a few.   [Read more...]

Weekly Debate Series 1: Rage Over Pixels (Part 2)

Rage over pixelsWelcome to Part Two of our Weekly Debate Series, “Rage Over Pixels”. [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: Moroccan Theme Coming to Yoville!

There’s a new theme coming in our little town of Yoville! The last wave of Summer Pool Party items have already arrived in store, so get ready for a fresh new theme to be launched–the Moroccan Theme! Think Prince of Persia, Aladin or Bollywood! It’s all about rich colors–Gold, Purple, Ink Blue, and Red! Are you ready for the new theme? Keep reading for a closer view! [Read more...]

YoRehab Community Contest Week

A week long celebration! One whole week of fun! Join us as we celebrate the opening of the YoRehab Community from July 12-18, 2010! Contests, Games, and prizes everyday this week! All contests, games. and prizes will be done over the YoRehab Facebook Page. So if you haven’t joined the page, join now and participate in the week-long daily contests! Get a chance to win tons of collectibles, rares, yocash items, costumes, and so much more! Keep reading for more details!

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Create your Own Hollywood Set

Romantic, Horror, Fantasy, and Western! New Hollywood Set Line arrive in store! Create your own sets now! Read more to see pictures.

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Hollywood: Behind the Scenes! Coming Soon!

Have you always wanted a Backstage Pass? A behind-the-scenes exclusive on what really goes on in Hollywood Movies? Well, soon you can! Because Yoville is coming out with tons of Hollywood Sets to let you experience what it’s like to work Behind the Scenes! Read more to see pictures!

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Yoville Update: Buddy List Turned Off

Yoville has announced that the Buddy List has been temporarily turned off due to some fixes that are being made to the game. So if you noticed that

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Another Weekend, Another Sale!

Weekends are never dull in our little town of Yoville because this weekend is another special and fun-filled one! Tons of new plushies and animated collectibles are available for purchase in store! Only for this weekend! So head on to the game now and don’t forget to grab one of each before they’re gone! Read more to see pictures :)

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