Release: Crop & Tank Tops! 8/1/14

More releases came to stores today, this time the release was part of the clothing section. [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Posts On Facebook

Facebook News - DefaultWith all these changes, here’s a way for you not to miss posts from your favorite pages. [Read more...]

New Free Gift In Notifications: Chinese Vase

Just when YoVillians thought that the Enchanting China theme was over… [Read more...]

Check Your Notifications For A Complimentary Curtains Drop!

The 5th Anniversary celebration continues with a complimentary Broadway Musical Curtains Drop that can be found in your notifications! [Read more...]

Auction House Facebook Notifications – Disabled

YoVillians will now have to go into the game to see if they have any notifications! [Read more...]

Auction House Notifications Relocated

YoVille News DefaultThe notifications for the auction house have been relocated.

[Read more...]

YoVille Auction House – Changes: 01/02/2013 *UPDATE*

YoVille News DefaultChanges have been made to the auction house! [Read more...]

YoVille App Gifts Can Now Be Found In Facebook Notifications!

YoVille News DefaultAre you looking in the wrong place for your free YoVille gift? [Read more...]

How To Series: Learn Multiple Ways Of Tweaking Your YoVille Settings!

howto-copyHave you always wanted to get rid of those pesky YoVille notifications that are clogging your mail? The spammy posts on your wall? Or maybe you’ve always wondered how you can change your Yo name?! Well then you’re in the right place!  [Read more...]

Security Alert: More Harmful Links Popping Up In Facebook Notifications And Chat

Recently it was reported that players were receiving harmful links in the Facebook chat messages from a “friend”. Today, there are even more reports of harmful links and now notifications that are spreading strong viruses!

[Read more...]