Agent Journal: Is Anyone Listening To Us

As I watch Zygna re-release 2009 items, I am convinced that neither the ninjas nor devs do not play YoVille AT ALL.

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Keep Calm And Play YoVille!

The latest news is that there is no news… [Read more...]

Wave Farewell To Several Forum Ninjas! UPDATED!

YoVille News DefaultIt is with sadness that we announce that the rumors circulating about ninja departures is true. [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Furniture Design Contest Winners Announced!

Design Contest- defaultThe Thanksgiving furniture design contest winners have been chosen and announced!

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New Ninjas Spotted In the Forums!

YoVille News DefaultHave you seen the new moderators yet? [Read more...]

Flash Mob Event- 9/14-9/15/12

YoVille News DefaultHey YoVillians, are you ready for some fun events? [Read more...]

Myspace Loading Issues

YoVille on MySpaceHey YoVillians, it has come to notice that many are having major issues with loading their myspace accounts. [Read more...]

Ultramarine Ninja Joins YoVille!

YoVille News DefaultZynga announces the arrival of another new moderator to the YoVille forums. [Read more...]

Agent’s Journal – Who Are The Ninjas, Really?

Agent Alby ponders a much asked question – who are the people behind the ninja personas? [Read more...]

Two New Ninjas Join The YoVille Forums

YoVille News DefaultYoVille announces the arrival of two new moderators to the forums. [Read more...]