MySpace: Yoville Migration

Finally some news from Zynga about the MySpace accounts. [Read more...]

Facebook Will Start Using Hashtags!

Facebook News - Default

Facebook will start using hashtags like Twitter!

[Read more...]

Zynga Set To Launch A New Learning Games Accelerator!

Zynga News

Zynga.org will be partnering with NewSchools Venture Fund and will spend $1 Million to create the accelerator that will be for learning games! [Read more...]

Database Error On Forums Earlier Today

If you logged into the forum earlier today, you would have gotten this error! [Read more...]

Zynga Responds To ‘Item Related Incident’ Of 04/22/2013

Zynga admits there was a problem, but acts to fix things… [Read more...]

YoVille Fashion Contest Down!

YoVille News Default

When you click on the crown icon on your screen in game, it will take you to the YoVille Fashion Contest, but lately it has not been working.  [Read more...]

Easter Hottest Looks Contest!

Show off your hot Easter look and win YoCash! [Read more...]

YoVille Connecting Players Around The World: What’s Your Story?

forum newsYoVillians, do you have friends who live nearby that play YoVille? [Read more...]

Facebook’s New Timeline Coming Soon!

Facebook- Default 11/11Are you a Facebook user and have you ever thought that your profile timeline is a little hard to read?  [Read more...]

YoVillians Are Still Unable To Post In The Forums ***UPDATE – Forums Are Back***

Support says it’s a maintenance issue. [Read more...]