Hide And Seek Returns!

Hide and Seek defaultYoVillians are you ready for a game of Hide and Seek? [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Hide & Seek Gone Wrong

Glitch-ReportHave you noticed any problems with the current Hide & Seek Mini-Game?

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Dibs Is Back Again In YoVille

Dibs DefaultAre you ready to play another round of Dibs – the great YoVille mini-game?

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Let’s Play A Game Of Dibs!

Dibs DefaultYoVillians! Dibs arrives to YoVille and no we are not talking about the bite sized Vanilla ice cream covered by a hard shell of Chocolate! [Read more...]

Hide & Seek Returns To YoVille

Hide and seek - defaultAre you ready for another thrilling round of Hide & Seek YoStyle? [Read more...]

Play A Game Of Hide And Seek!

Hide and seek - defaultYoVillians, are you ready to play a game of ‘Hide and Seek?’ [Read more...]

Agents’ Journal: I Dislike Hide And Seek!

Agent Blossom Journal- defaultDear Journal, [Read more...]

Mini-Game ‘Dibs’ Arrives In YoVille!

yovilleNEWSdefault-copyAttention YoVillians: the mini-game called ‘Dibs’ has once again arrived in YoVille. [Read more...]

Lucky Letters: Prize Revealed!

Lucky LettersAre you playing the Disco to Spain Lucky Letters game? Get a peek at the cool prize from the mini-game here!




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Dibs Prize: Dancing Broom Is Here. Did You Win?

YoVille Update - DefaultIf you played Dibs, the new mini game in YoVille from day one and won, your prize should be in your inventory soon. [Read more...]