A Bath To Remember! 04/04/2013

YoVille News DefaultDon’t forget your rubber duckie! [Read more...]

SnowVille Comes To YoVille! 12/04/2012

YoVille News DefaultWhat will YoVillians make of this we wonder? [Read more...]

Scam Alert: Innovative iPhone 5 Market Research!

Security AlertAnother scam arrives to Facebook, which isn’t surprising since new scams arise just about everyday as the Facebook population grows.

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2010 YoEconomy: A Review Of Economic Changes Throughout YoVille Last Year

yoville economyYoEconomy. That seems like such a strange word, doesn’t it? Much like the real world, YoVille has an ever changing economy. When the game began in May 2008, the items in YoVille were limited.

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Open Auctions: Everything You Need To Know

New YoVille Trend: YoVille AuctionsOpen Auctions; we’ve all seen them listed in events, and many of us have even gone to them ourselves, but what exactly are they and just where on earth did they come from?

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Inside The YoRehab Price Guide

YoVille Price Guide“YoRehab prices”. It’s a common phrase. You hear it everywhere. You see many events stating this.

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Yoville Prices: Like or Dislike?

Water Balloon Machines, Performance stages, and Regal Thrones. These are a few of the highly priced collectibles in the city of Yoville. There is also a line-up of costumes that are in the same category. What makes these items so rare in Yoville? Can everyday Yovillians obtains these prized possessions? Will there be any more like these in the near future? [Read more...]

YoEconomy: Making Smart YoInvestments

YoEconomy is something most of us depend on, hoping that we chose our items wisely, and that their price will rise in the near future. We have all been surprised a few times though, and lost money as well, like the VIP  Jackets Incident. They were never really released in the store. They were only [Read more...]

Yoville Economy Today: An attempt to Unravel the Mystery

Up and down, high and low, and back and forth. These are the first things that comes to my mind when I think of the Yoville market today. Prices seem to change and fluctuate every minute of every day. What happened? What is causing it, and what has led the Yoville market to this unpredictable state?

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