Loading and Freezing Problems

With all the updates, changes and releases, many of us are having problems loading the game.  [Read more...]

Myspace Loading Issues

YoVille on MySpaceHey YoVillians, it has come to notice that many are having major issues with loading their myspace accounts. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Brass Frames!

Glitch reportYoVillians are you having a problem with your brass frames? Lately in YoVille brass picture frames seem to be not loading properly.

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YoVille Is Upgrading Their Server!

YoVille UpdateYoVillians are you having issues when loading YoVille? Typically this has lately been a problem for many of us YoVillians! [Read more...]

Unresponsive Browsers And Loading Issues Plague YoVille

Glitch reportAs YoVillians we have learned to live with the glitches that plague YoVille. Some have even found ways to use the constant lag in their favor. But most refuse to live with freezing and loading issues.

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Glitch Report: YoVille Connection Issues

yoville bugsThere seems to be some technical issues spreading across YoVille.

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** UpDate ** Glitch Report: YoVille Loading Issues ** Update **

yoville bugsIf you have tried to load YoVille in the past few minutes you may be asking yourself, why isn’t my YoVille loading?

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How To Series: Joining Your Friends Live In YoVille

howto-copyHave you ever wanted to go see what your friends are up to when they are on YoVille? What about heading to a YoRehab party or Forum gathering? If you aren’t sure how to join your friends by using your buddy list, you have come to the right place! This article will explain the step by step procedure on joining a friend live.

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**Update: Purple Ninja Releases a Statement** Platinum Sale! Here To Stay?

here to stayRecently we told you about something called the “Platinum Sale“, which was billed as a 24 hour sale set to happen on March 11th. However, the ninjas couldn’t or wouldn’t confirm if the so called “Sale” was indeed going to happen.  Shortly after the loading screen that advertised it had been seen it was removed from the game.

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Loading…… Issues!

loadingNo matter what your status is in Yoville there are some things you have in common with every other Yo.

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