New Buddy List Feature

The buddy list, where would our precious YoWorld be without it? [Read more...]

Open All Chests Is NOT At 100%!

YoVille News DefaultSeveral YoVillians are reporting that they still do not have this new feature. [Read more...]

YoVlog: Dinky Do Talks About Lag

Yo VlogDinky Do has another Vlog for YoVillians! In this Vlog, Dinky talks about the lag in YoVille and about something funny that happened to him this morning!

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7 Deadly YoSins Series:: Animation Overload

seven deadly yosinsIn recent articles, we have discussed different “Seven Deadly YoSins”. The following sin is something everyone has probably done during their YoLife. It is something that many people have also kicked people out of their houses for. This article is going to discuss what may be one of the most common YoSins, Animation Overload. [Read more...]

Vlog: Dinky Gives Thanks For His Birthday Gifts And Wishes.

In this Vlog Dinky talks about his midnight birthday party. He also, give thanks for his birthday gifts and wishes. Lastly, Elmo sings happy birthday, so be sure to watch for that.

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Yo Vlog: Dinky Shows Off His Musical Talent

In this Vlog Dinky talks about his lag free day in YoVille. In addition, he talks about his search for a black police hat, be sure to watch to see if he was able to find this hard to get item.

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Yo Vlog: Dinky Do Experiences The Lag Of His Yo Life

In this Vlog Dinky talks about his battle with lag in YoVille over the weekend. Find out what he did to return to a lag free YoVille.

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Loading…… Issues!

loadingNo matter what your status is in Yoville there are some things you have in common with every other Yo.

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The Big Freeze!

BigfreezeLately there has been a group of YO’s terrorizing innocent Yovillians at events.

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