Need Neighbors – We Can Help!

YoRehab NewsYoRehab has just added a new Facebook page called Crew Finder to help you out with your Quest For Neighbors.

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YoVille Forums Welcome New Ninja! Stop By And Say Hi To Sapphire!

Sapphire NinjaThis morning, Azure Ninja announced the arrival of a new ninja! It appears that another ninja will join the ranks of the “blue” team on the forums!

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How To Series: Joining Your Friends Live In YoVille

howto-copyHave you ever wanted to go see what your friends are up to when they are on YoVille? What about heading to a YoRehab party or Forum gathering? If you aren’t sure how to join your friends by using your buddy list, you have come to the right place! This article will explain the step by step procedure on joining a friend live.

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We’re Looking for YoRehab’s #1 Fan!

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Get to Know Agent Faraz and Enter for a Chance to Win

Getting to know the agentsHave you ever wanted to know more about YoRehab Agents?

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Get To Know Agent Amay And Get A Chance To Win!

Want to know more about your favorite YoRehab Agent?

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YoRehab Fashion Design Contest (Winners Announced)

yoville costume design contestRecently, we held a fashion design contest in the Yoville forums.

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Get to know Agent Lithium and Get a Chance to Win! Part 2

Over the last few days, I have looked at all of your questions. There were many great ones, but I could only answer a few.   [Read more...]

Ninja Trick Or Treat Giveaway: Join Now!

yoville ninja trick or treat giveawayWe all know that no Halloween would be complete without some traditional trick or treat.

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Contest Alert: Price Guide Fun!

Price Guide FunHere we go! Remember to keep the Price Guide open in another tab!

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