Zynga Shuts Down Its Baltimore Office, Consolidates Several Others!

New Zynga News Default 11/11More job losses at Zynga!
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Zynga’s Japan Office Is Definitely Shutting Down!

New Zynga News Default 11/11Another Zynga office bites the dust! [Read more...]

Zynga Advertises For A ‘Director Of eCrime & Fraud!

YoVille News DefaultZynga has announced a new job vacancy – a Director of eCrime & Fraud based in the US.

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Rose Ninja Says Goodbye To The YoVille Forums!

RoseAnother one bites the dust! That’s right, another ninja will be leaving the YoVille forums.

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**Update** Breaking News! YoVille Forum Set To Welcome Sable Ninja!

Sable NinjaWait a minute… there is another one of them!? It seems that the forum ninjas of the official YoVille forums have been multiplying like rabbits recently.

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YoVille Jobs: Yay Or Nay? Your Opinions Are Needed!

YoVille Jobs Zynga has released a survey to ask for players’ opinions regarding jobs in YoVille. So here’s your chance to voice out your opinions! Get your voices heard, and take part in this survey now!

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New Promotions at the Widget Factory!

We have New Promotions available at the Widget Factory! [Read more...]

Best Autumn Room Winners

Best Autumn Room WinnersThe time has come to congratulate the winners of the Best Autumn room!

Agent J’s Tips for Auctioneers

Last week we went over how to behave at an auction. This week we’ll look at the other half responsible for a great auction – the auctioneer or owner. A good auctioneer will have people lining up just to get a seat in one of their auctions. Many people hold auctions just to have fun and hang out with their friends while making a little coin. As the auctioneer,

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Yoville’s Got Talent!

Have you every gone to an event where the owner is selling art on white board? Have you wondered how the quality of the art is so good? How the lines seem so perfectly straight, or how it looks so effortless? Have you ever wondered how it is even possible to create art on the same white board you use for your sales? How they can perfectly shade their drawings, while all you have to do is write down the items you’re selling, and yet no one can ever seem to understand what’s written?  Do these white board artists use some kind of program?  Or are their masterpieces hand drawn?  [Read more...]