November 18: Exclusive Items Release!

Limited quantity items coming Thursday plus a new exclusive item with select YoCash packages!




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Item Missing From Broadway Musical Theme.

An item has gone missing from the Broadway Musical themed furniture section.  Did you notice?

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Debate Over Enchanting China ‘Swastika’ Continues…

Is this really a Nazi swastika or an ancient Chinese symbol? [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Alice In Wonderland Animated Wall Torch

Glitch Report Default

If you have been in the furniture store for the new theme, some of you might have noticed one item cannot be placed in your room.  [Read more...]

Casablanca Movie Scene Contest! Winners! **Update***

Here are the eagerly awaited winners of the Casablanca movie scene contest! [Read more...]

Casablanca – Movie Scene Contest

A new mini theme – a new contest! [Read more...]

Black Ninja Is Leaving Forums!

yovilleNEWSdefault-copyAs we all know Black Ninja has been a forum moderator for some time now for the YoVille forums.  [Read more...]

How To Series: Inventory Privacy

YoVille How To SeriesHow can you protect those items you worked so hard to get?

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Glitch Report: Inventory Item Amounts Problem

Glitch-ReportSince work began to allow people to search the store while in edit, a strange inventory problem has been uncovered.

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