We’re All In This Together!

Without the amazing supporters of YoWorld. We wouldn’t be where we are today. With all the updates and positives going on, its a wonder how the guys at BVG feel about saving our YoWorld. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Wings Change Face Shape

Glitch-ReportWith new releases, we sometimes get new glitches. Today’s happens to be a face shape change. [Read more...]

YoWorld Update – June 26th, 2014

BVG is at it again, updating the game we all love! What changes should we expect to see today? [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Pets Are Not Able To Be Placed

Glitch Report DefaultHas anyone been having issues with placing animals in their home? Well we have! [Read more...]

Loading and Freezing Problems

With all the updates, changes and releases, many of us are having problems loading the game.  [Read more...]

VIP Issues

Do you pay for VIP in YoVille? Have you been experiencing problems lately? Well, let us help.

[Read more...]

Gifting Still Glitchy

Glitch-ReportAre you having problems getting your daily 4 gifts through to friends? If so, you are not alone. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Spies Mystery Box Freebies Scale Issues

Glitch-ReportOn opening the new Spies Mystery Gift, you may be in for a surprise. Zynga’s age old scale problems surface again. [Read more...]

Hide And Seek But Not Found

Hide and Seek defaultNormally, we would have our game of Hide and Seek that YoVille places on the bottom of our screen. [Read more...]

Myspace Loading Issues

YoVille on MySpaceHey YoVillians, it has come to notice that many are having major issues with loading their myspace accounts. [Read more...]