Brass Picture Frames Problem – Solution Uncovered.

YoVille DefaultA helpful forum member uncovers a fix for the long-standing picture frame problem.

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What The Gift?!?

YoVille News DefaultLately, there has been a gifting spree going on between many giving YoVillians, but some don’t even know they have even received a gift! [Read more...]

Agents Journal: YoVille – HackerVille – DramaVille – GangsterVille??

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Glitch Report: Yorient Express Curtain Layering Issue

Glitch Report DefaultAn issue has been spotted with the Yorient Express Curtains – Beware.  [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Loading Stuck At 80%!

Glitch-ReportAttention YoVillians- There has been many posts made via the forum about how player’s YoVille game will only load to 80% and then freeze.

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Glitch Report: Brass Frames!

Glitch reportYoVillians are you having a problem with your brass frames? Lately in YoVille brass picture frames seem to be not loading properly.

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Glitch Fixed: 08 Gargoyles Are Now Labeled Correctly

Glitch FixedThere was a glitch reported via the forum on September 8th, 2011 in regards to the 08 gargoyles. When the month of October arrived, players became even more concerned about this glitch. When taking a look at your inventory, the 08 gargoyles were labeled as  ”gumball machine”. As Halloween grows nearer this may have been a problem for everyone that was trying to sell the 08 gargoyles because it was labeled incorrectly. [Read more...]

Programming/Script Hackers Wreaking Havoc In YoVille

Security AlertAs long as YoVille has been around there have been hackers that have found ways to make regular YoVillian’s lives miserable.

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YoVille Is Upgrading Their Server!

YoVille UpdateYoVillians are you having issues when loading YoVille? Typically this has lately been a problem for many of us YoVillians! [Read more...]