November 18th: Ice Queen & Frozen Outdoors

Double the fun with both furniture and clothing releases… [Read more...]

31/12/2014: Last Releases Of 2014 In Store Now!

Get those party items fast – the timers expire in just over 3 days’ time… [Read more...]

Weekly Debate Series 2: YoHoarding: Buried in Pixels

Welcome to our second Weekly Debate Series “YoHoarding: Buried in Pixels”. [Read more...]

List of Prizes and Thank You Note to Our Sponsors**(Updated More Added)!

If you haven’t joined YoRehab in Facebook yet, then you better join us now! Because the highly anticipated Contest Week will start in just a few hours! We will be giving away tons of precious rares, collectibles, costumes, and yocash items! All thanks to our very generous sponsors! Keep reading to know what we’ll be giving away. [Read more...]