Final University Clothing & Decorating Releases, and Fall YoCash Bundles

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Ask Your Friends To Help Get A Japanese Hot Tub! Here’s How!

Japanese Hot TubFor a limited time only, you can now ask your friends to help you collect, and win your very own animated Japanese Hot Tub that comes with a beautiful animated Tokyo background!

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Yoville News Recap!

Today Zynga has released a new bunch of items for the Romantic theme: the Bedroom furniture has been released! The design is very good, however most of the items are yocash (yes, the beds too). We couldn’t really expect anything different.. There are good news on the other hand! Today it’s the first day do collect gold mystery boxes. Good amounts of coins await. So log in and take your prize! Also,

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NEW Romantic Collectibles

Live in your perfect romantic paradise with the NEW collectible Romantic Hot Tub and Waterfall. These intricately designed new collectibles are perfect for your romantic date! And don’t forget that new Romantic bedroom furniture are now available for purchase as well! What’s your take on the new collectibles? Hot hot hot? Or not not not? Tell us what you think in the comment section below :)

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