Agent’s Journal: Hoarding, Buried Alive!

Dear Journal, I have recently noticed that my hoarding issue is becoming a problem!

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Agents’ Journal: More Inventory Control Please!

Shelby JournalDear Journal,

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Understanding YoHoarding And How It Affects The YoEconomy

YoEconomyAre you one of those people who constantly look for things in your inventory to sell yet you still cannot find that right item? Is your inventory causing you to buy more houses as storage? Are you constantly noticing items in your houses that you don’t remember where they came from or when you got it?

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Ask Dr. Yo Q&A: Dr. Yo Gives Advice On YoHoarding And More

ask dr yoIt’s that time again! Dr. Yo has collected all of your best questions from the past week and has answered them for you! What did Dr. Yo answer this week? Read on to find out! [Read more...]