Junglewoman Glitch

Glitch Report DefaultDo you own a Junglewoman costume? Are you having trouble finding it?

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New VIP Clothing In Store

New stuff out for VIP members! [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Zynga Releases Seemingly Identical Hats With Different Names And Prices

buyer bewareEarlier today Zynga delivered new hats to the clothing store. Look closely before you purchase one. [Read more...]

Hawaiian Hairstyles, Clothing And Accessories, And White Kitchen Furniture Are Here!

Hawaiian Theme YoVilleGet ready for the perfect Hawaiian Getaway! Brand new Hawaiian items have just been added to the YoVille stores!  [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: Next Autumn Clothing!

Sneak Peek Clothing yovilleBeen wondering what the next clothing items will be? Look no further!

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Bringing YoSexy Back

With the bevy of new yoApparel, there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from bringing YoSexy back to YoVille. With the new romantic and Moroccan themes, we’re seeing more YoSexyVillans all over the place.  The Ville is now becoming more of a show place to bring yoSexy back and to get yoGroove , yoSwag, yoMac on and poppin’! We once complained that we didn’t have enough clothes and *BAM* … gowns, dresses, suits, hats, crowns, hair, makeup, earrings, tattoos … you name it, they gave it to us.  (Well, with the exception of

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Items are retiring!

Soon or later, everything comes to an end, isn’t that true? Today Zynga started a two days countdown on lots of items: 50s clothing, yatch clothing and furniture, beach party clothing and furniture, luxury clothing, classic Hollywood furniture.. All these are going to be retired! And guess what? It looks like also the Music Wars clothing and the Vampire costumes are going to fly away! This is your last chance

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Take A Hike!

The Camp Yo Hiking set has been released! Do you feel like going out for a long trip? Fear no more. With the tents, baskets and trees in store you’ll be able to turn any room into a natural forest. You can also buy the new outfits in the fashion store to look like a camper. Baseball hats, butterfly nets, whistles, and so much more! Everything you need

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Sneak Peek: Gear up, Scouts!

Get ready boys and girls! The Camp Scouts are on their way to Yoville, and YoRehab is here to give you an exclusive preview! Check out the fun new camping gear! New clothing, hats, shoes, bags, a sash, and a fishing pole! And wait, are these new hairstyles? We very much hope so! Keep reading to see them up close!

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Sneak Peek: New Moroccan Clothing… And Possibly Hair?

YoRehab newsHere’s a sneak preview of the new clothing coming very soon in Yoville! New hats, turbans, head dresses, over-all’s, accessories, and gold make up! Think extravagance, grandiose, and ultimate style accessories! Hats and accessories embellished with rich colored gems and stones! Notice the new hairstyle in the female avatar? Does this mean there’s new hair coming to the Salon? We sure do hope so! What do you think of the new costumes to come? Are you satisfied? Do you like the new hair? Tell us what you think!