Expiring Themes – January 8th

If you have missed anything, then please don’t leave it too late… [Read more...]

***Winners Announced*** Agent’s Journal: Why Agent Alby Loves Halloween In YoVille…

Agent Alby explains how she loves to do something which she never could in real life, and she wants to offer YoVillians the chance to win a prize! [Read more...]

Third Week Without Releases – Halloween Is Drawing Closer, But Still No News…

Cerulean Ninja hosts ‘*Official* Strut Yo’ Stuff for Halloween Part 1′ but leaves YoVillians disappointed… [Read more...]

Pre-Halloween Fashion Contest: Bride And Groom Ghost

Here’s your chance to dress up for Halloween and perhaps win the 50 YoCash prize… [Read more...]

Re-released furniture; Halloween, Mardi Gras and Oktoberfest

The furniture store is busier than we have seen them in a long time. The reason? Halloween, Mardi Gras and Oktoberfest are back for two days! [Read more...]

Latest Re-Releases Vanish From The Stores – Then Reappear!

YoVillians are left puzzled… [Read more...]

Discount Banners Confuse YoVillians!

But no discount exists! [Read more...]

Halloween Wallpapers Anyone?

YoVille News DefaultDid you by any chance forget to buy Halloween wallpapers? If so, all may not be lost.

[Read more...]

Zynga Removes Halloween Devilish Smile Painting From VIP Section!

YoVille News DefaultSellers are now asking millions for it! [Read more...]

Halloween Extension! 10/31/2012

Theme extended because of the storm on the East Coast. [Read more...]