Agent’s Journal: Running Out Of Ideas Or Hack Prevention?

All of these re-releases have many players wondering if Yoville is ending. I,on the other hand, think that Zynga knows exactly what they are doing.

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Agents Journal: Gifting And Trading Restrictions

I wish to vent my dismay on gifting and trading restrictions. Care to join me? [Read more...]

News Of Virtual World Hackings Reaches Real World

YoVille News DefaultYoVille hackings scooped by daily newspaper San Jose Mercury news and media company Venturebeat this week. Read all about it.

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Hacked And Heartbroken – Your Experiences (Part 5)

Another victim of YoVille hacking shares her devastating experience with us.

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Hacked And Heartbroken – Your Experiences (Part 4)

The fourth interview in the series of interviews with victims of YoVille hacking.

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Hacked And Heartbroken – Your Experiences (Part 3)

The third article in the series in which another victim of the recent YoVille hacking spree shares with us his account of the devastating incident which took away his YoVille dream.  (Names have been changed to protect the identities of the interviewees).

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Results Are In: Security Survey

YoRehab News DefaultAs you all recall we recently did a survey to collect data on how you all feel about the security in YoVille. Well we have the results and here they are! [Read more...]