Facebook Vulnerability Shows Friend List Even When It’s Set To Private

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Agents Journal: Friends With Hackers

Agents Journal GemDear Journal, [Read more...]

Agents Journal: YoVille – HackerVille – DramaVille – GangsterVille??

Dear Journal, [Read more...]

Dear Zynga, Fix the Yadda Game!

Agents journal_edited-1Dear Zynga,

Well my birthday is Saturday and my birthday wish is that you’d just fix the YADDA game! What exactly does it take for you guys to invest in some real fixes for the big problems that players experience? Just calm down with all the themes for about five minutes (if you can even go that long) and concentrate on fixing!

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A YoVille Resident Is Hacked And Takes Action!

Security AlertWe have Homeowner’s Insurance in real life to protect our assets. In YoVille, all we have is Zynga Support. One YoVille resident says they are enough!

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