YoWorld Major Topics

Everyone is concerned with something going on in YoWorld lately, from the Auction House even down to the little things such as pricing. [Read more...]

***UPDATE*** YoVille Has Gone Down Again!

The game is back but the forums are still down… [Read more...]

Advice For If Your Facebook Gets Hacked

Facebook News - DefaultOur partner page, Facecrooks, has re-shared an article today with advise to help you recover your Facebook in case of a hack.

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Useful Tool To Recover Hacked Facebook

Facebook News - DefaultFacebooks feature “Trusted Friends” has been revamped and is now “Trusted Contacts”. It has been redesigned, improved and re-released. [Read more...]

Zynga Responds To ‘Item Related Incident’ Of 04/22/2013

Zynga admits there was a problem, but acts to fix things… [Read more...]

Downtime Keeps Forums Closed To Many YoVillians!

YoVille News DefaultWith many YoVillians finding themselves unable to log in to the YoVille forums, players were left wondering what was happening. [Read more...]

Hacked And Heartbroken – Your Experiences (Part 3)

The third article in the series in which another victim of the recent YoVille hacking spree shares with us his account of the devastating incident which took away his YoVille dream.  (Names have been changed to protect the identities of the interviewees).

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Hacked And Heartbroken – Your Experiences (Part 2)

The second in the series as we interview players who have recently been hacked in YoVille. [Read more...]

Hacked And Heartbroken – Your Experiences

In this series, we will be interviewing players who have been victims of the recent epidemic of hackings on YoVille. [Read more...]